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Are We in a Cartoon? Pinky’s and Ducky’s and Duckweed Oh My!

I believe it was Tuesday of last week when I spent some time supporting friends and clients who landed on a common City Council agenda.  It seemed to be a day for new and expanded activity in and around downtown. But soon after the meeting commenced we all found ourselves being taken back to our childhood. Multiple downtown companies had put in different requests, though their requests were new and exciting, it was really their names that got us all smiling.

At one point Councilman Miranda looked up from his agenda and stated, “I feel like we’re in a cartoon” and then he read off the following list…Pinky’s, Ducky’s, Cappy’s, and Duckweed.  I’m not sure if this naming structure is a new trend but if nothing else it gave the council and everyone else in attendance some amusement. Another exciting part of that meeting was the actual requests, which I believe everyone received the approvals they were looking for that day.

Pinky’s received the ability to serve alcoholic beverages (they have parking agreements with Cappy’s).

Ducky’s Sports Lounge had their extended hours of operation approved. The establishment will be opening soon on Kennedy. Rays shortstop Evan Longoria is on board as an investor. They applied for these hours so they can stay open to cover sporting and entertainment events. This is a new concept to the area that should be lots of fun.

Duckweed Urban Market was approved to have on-premises beer and wine consumption in addition to their packaged wine and beer offerings.

Thank You,
Josh Dohring

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